Municipal heritage studies aim to identify, evaluate and document places of cultural significance, as well as make recommendations for their future protection.

A detailed environmental history of a municipality is initially researched and forms a backdrop to the compilation of a database of significant sites.

Public consultation is a key part of every heritage study as it is vital that multiple and diverse voices contribute to the identification and conservation of valued sites.

Gleaning this local community sentiment and expressing it in clear terms is a responsibility we take seriously, as ultimately heritage protection measures exist to provide communities with a meaningful and tangible link to the past.

RBA has also undertaken heritage studies of smaller areas, including individual precincts.

  • French Island heritage listed building

    French Island Heritage Study Review

    RBA was commissioned by the Department of Planning and Community Development (Traralgon Office) to undertake a review of the existing heritage-listed places in this remote location, which remains accessible only by boat.

  • Towong shire lanscape

    Towong Shire Heritage Study

    Towong Shire, in the north-east corner of Victoria, is an area particularly rich in sites related to squatting, selection and mining, and its relative isolation has brought about a unique history.

  • Strathbogie Shire Bakery

    Strathbogie Shire Heritage Study

    RBA has been commissioned by the Shire of Strathbogie to identify and assess significant sites in this central Victorian shire, as many heritage sites are currently without protection.