RBA regularly prepares Conservation Management Plans (CMPs): a comprehensive document often required by a statutory authority (Heritage Victoria or a local council) when substantial change is proposed at a significant heritage site.

The first stage in conservation management planning is to establish the level of cultural significance of each part of the site, involving detailed research, site investigation and analysis. This work provides the informed basis on which to develop appropriate policies and management recommendations for the sustainable future use of the heritage place.

  • Williamstown Primary School

    Williamstown Primary School

    Design advice was provided to BH Architects and the Department of Education in regard to proposed new buildings, to ensure that the the significance of the two main heritage buildings on the site was not negatively affected.

  • Bangerang Cultural Centre

    Bangerang Cultural Centre

    The Bangerang Cultural Centre was designed by the noted emigré Modernist architect Frederick Romberg and was the first purpose built, Aboriginal cultural centre in Australia to be managed by the local indigenous community.

  • Royal Terrace, Fitzroy

    Royal Terrace, Fitzroy

    Royal Terrace, a landmark site, is one of Melbourne’s most significant early residential buildings and attests to the growing wealth of the settlement soon after the onset of the gold rush.

  • The Australian Club, Melbourne

    The Australian Club, Melbourne

    RBA has a long-standing relationship with the Australian Club, having been appointed Club Architect in 1997. We have regularly provided architectural services and heritage management advice in relation to both the Club premises and the adjacent Scottish House.

  • Maryborough Railway Station

    Maryborough Railway Station

    RBA was commissioned to prepare a Conservation Management Plan for this highly significant heritage place in 2002.

  • University of Melbourne, Percy Grainger Museum

    University of Melbourne, Percy Grainger Museum

    RBA developed a master plan for the museum that explored passive strategies to avoid the installation of high-impact mechanical air conditioning.

  • Singapore Cottage South Melbourne

    Singapore Cottage South Melbourne

    This project involved the identification, deconstruction, conservation and adaptation to a sustainable use of an extremely rare surviving example of a timber prefabricated house, originally imported to Australia from Singapore in 1852/53.

  • Scottish House, Melbourne

    Scottish House, Melbourne

    After acquiring the state heritage listed property in c. 2000, The Australian Club engaged RBA initially to prepare a Conservation Management Plan.

  • Shepparton Showgrounds Redevelopment

    Shepparton Showgrounds Redevelopment

    RBA was engaged to identify the heritage values of the showgrounds, and prepared a Conservation Management Plan as part of a master plan undertaken by Urban Initiatives.