Former Tarpaulin Shop Newport Railway workshops

The original Tarpaulin Shop was built by H Maxwell in 1887. The size and specialised design of the building demonstrates the importance of tarpaulin manufacture and repair to the Victorian rail system and was operative for more than 90 years.

The building was an integral part of the extensive Newport Railway Workshops, which was established to maintain the substantially increased number of railway locomotives and rolling stock needed as a result of the massive increase in the Victorian railways systems following the “Octopus Act” of 1884 which authorised 66 new railway lines.



In addition to undertaking forensic analysis of the condition of the heavily decayed building fabric, RBA have subsequently completed an adaptive re-use study so that the building and site can be re-purposed for a contemporary rail industry.

This process will see the essential conservation works deliver not just another redundant-to-purpose, barely maintained heritage asset, but a properly conserved and fully fit for purpose, economically sustainable heritage asset.

25 July 2016

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